KC Photobooth

Kansas City's Premier Provider of Photobooths

KC Photobooth

Kansas City's Premier Provider of Photobooths

Why Choose KC Photobooth?

We were the first authentic photobooth company in Kansas City.We began KC Photobooth in 2007 when we were planning our daughter’s wedding. We heard of a couple in St. Louis that had a photobooth at a wedding reception, but when we went looking in Kansas City for a photobooth, all we could find was a “faux-to-booth” that was constructed on site and required the guests to wait for photostrips to be printed every 45 minutes or more. That wasn’t our idea of a photobooth. We wanted a real, authentic photobooth that prints 2″ x 6″ photostrips within 10 seconds. Immediate gratification. Immediate fun for you. Immediate fun for your guests.

So, we searched for a real photobooth. We found one in St. Louis. My daughter chose a January wedding. Would they really come all the way from St. Louis if there was bad weather? We didn’t trust that they would. So… we researched photobooths. We evaluated several photobooths in our search for the perfect photobooth. We found it!

We attended our first bridal show in January of 2008 and let’s just say, “We’ve come a long way, baby!” We started off with the same KOLO albums that we still offer, but we have so much more now. We constantly strive to improve our service and what we offer our clients. We are committed to provide the best photobooth experience for your event, for every event. We are proud to set the standard high in Kansas City for all of the other photobooth companies that have followed. We have truly learned that imitation is the highest form of flattery.

Be sure to check out our Make It Your Own page to see all of the special extras that KC Photobooth provides for our clients.

It’s your special day. Let our experience and professionalism make your event memorable. Let KC Photobooth capture the spirit of your event!


What makes KC Photobooth special?

Our Photobooths— Take a look at Our Photobooth page to see our awesome authentic photobooths. We have two different photobooths so you get to choose your favorite. If you are limited on space, you may prefer our Original Photobooth. With more space, you may prefer our New Extended Photobooth. Our photobooths print your photostrips within 10 seconds, which translates into maximum entertainment for your guests and maximum photostrips of your guests for your photo guestbook. Our photo paper will insure that your photo guestbook will become an heirloom to pass on for generations. Our photobooths are simply the best choice for your special event.

Our staff— We provide two on site coordinators for each event. Most of our competitors only provide one attendant. It really requires two people to provide your guests with the very best service and you with the very best photo guestbook with an abundance of photostrips of your guests. Our on site coordinators will constantly monitor photobooth operations, photo and print quality, and make sure that enough photo strips are printed for everyone in each group. They are professional and well trained. They will engage your guests with smiles, answer questions, and assist every guest in the photobooth as well as taking responsibility for attaching your copy of each photostrip in your photo guestbook and encouraging your guests to write a personal message. Of course, our staff will provide the plastic sleeve service at the time the photostrips are printed. All on site coordinators will be dressed professionally so as not to detract from your event. Our goal is to enhance the fun at your special event. We receive so many compliments on our staff. They make us proud!

Our Large Photostrip— Our large photostrip was originally our effort to get attention at a bridal show. It measures 10″ x 40″. As soon as we attached the first large photostrip to the photobooth, we knew we needed to provide this for every client. We will schedule an appointment at our office. You will take as many pictures as you need to find four frames that you love. We produce your large photostrip that will draw your guests over to the photobooth and encourage them to have as much fun in the photobooth as you did. At the end of your event, we will place your large photostrip in plastic for you to take home right away.

Our Plastic Sleeve Service— All of our packages provide our plastic sleeve service. We will slide your guests’ photostrip into a plastic sleeve that has a ribbon attached to match your décor and we will seal it with a “Thank You” sticker. If you would prefer to customize the sticker, we have a variety of graphics for you to choose from, or you can provide a graphic design for us to adapt.

Our excellent photo quality— At the end of your special event you are left with the memories of a great time with quality that is so superior, your photo guestbook will become an heirloom passed down through generations. We use high resolution Sony professional digital SLR cameras and Mitsubishi professional dye-sublimation printers. This equipment placed in an authentic photobooth guarantees the quality you desire.

Our customized graphic design— We have a large selection of graphic designs for your customized photostrips. Check out some of our designs on the Make It Your Own page. If you find a design you love, great. If you don’t, we will work with you to design a graphic that truly suits your event. Do you have a special monogram or other design that you would like on each photostrip? Just send us the jpeg file and we will work to adapt your design to print on each photostrip. The best part…no additional charge. You want your event to be special and so do we! Some of our competitors will charge extra for this design service. We just think it is part of providing the best service we can.

Our tables and linens— We will provide two 30″ round high top tables with black linens for your photobooth. Why? In the beginning, we used the tables that the venue provided. Oftentimes, that meant a buffet table. Less work for us, less comfortable for your guests. Imagine your guests leaning over a buffet table writing a personal message to you. Purses are falling off shoulders, handwriting suffers, backs are aching. You benefit from our experience. Your guests prefer the comfort of a high top table.

Our attention to detail— We will work with you to determine all of the special features you would like for your event, whether it is a special graphic, a special ribbon, a special program, or a special delivery set up. We will also work directly with your venue to schedule delivery and pick up. We’ve provided photobooths for over 400 events; on the day of your event, just enjoy the day, you will not need to worry about the photobooth at all.

Still not convinced? Call 913.486.3444 for an appointment and let us show you why we are Kansas City’s Premier Provider of Photobooths.